He graduated from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2016 with a professional doctorate in dentistry. After finishing his studies and completing the course of manpower planning in Qeshm Island, he managed to receive an invitation from New York International University (NYU) to attend the courses of “Smile Design and Cosmetic Dentistry” as well as “Dental Implants and Oral and Maxillofacial Reconstruction” in 2010.

After completing the mentioned courses and receiving a degree from New York University (NYU), he returned to the country and at first worked in a private practice, and then started the Dordis Dental Clinic, and after gaining sufficient scientific and practical experience, he established the center. They specialized in dentistry and beauty “Dr. Mehrdad Eftekhari”.


Dr. Mehrdad Eftekhari’s dental center has a separate sterilization section for the surgical section, and all equipment in this section is sterilized separately from other equipment and placed in special disposable covers.

This center has the highest health standard in health care and is approved by the FDA to ensure the satisfaction and health of the clients.